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Vancouver | Assets Lead

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Job Type

Full Time





About the Role

The Assets TD assists Leads and Production to ensure artists are well equipped on each project. They serve as the key communicator between Leads and Artists. They help solve technical issues that could be fixed without the Lead's involvement.

 implement facility/show procedures, standardize, streamline 

- Maintain technical integrity of plates and assets throughout the ingestion process- Contribute to the development and testing of pipeline scripts

- Troubleshoot technical issues involving Assets in Maya for Modeling, Rigging and Animation

Keep CG Supervisor, Production team, Department Leads and Directors up to date on outstanding issues and potential solutions

- Request and Respond to tickets requesting support and pipeline improvements while vetting all priorities with the CG supervisor

- Provide technical and debugging support for other team members and departments on assets- Use Shotgun to document the current status of assets and shots in the pipeline

- Communicate with other relevant departments to ensure established timelines and schedule will be met

Manage and support aspects of asset creation

• Collaborate with Production on setting a delivery schedule and quality standards

• Track asset creation and approvals

• Collaborate with Pipeline to ensure a smooth workflow of the assets and potential improvements

• Communicate and collaborate with CG Supervisor to solve issues

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assist in technical issues (Undistortion/Publish errors, Machine, Layout/Asset, script)

  • Anticipate possible future conflicts and problem solve with or without supervision

  • Escalate production and technical issues to appropriate parties

  • Assist with project-specific tasks that the leads are able to teach

  • May help with simple Nuke setups and training other artists

  • Utilize QC when you can have them help with simple bulk issues (Undistortion, keying plates, layout)

  • If needed, create annotations for trackers and models required

  • Layout - Assist in establishing Master and Children shots

  • Playlists of layouts to check for consistencies. (Check if all shots have similar horizon lines, scale, assets)

  • Listing out similar shots that can be assigned together

  • Keep track of shot assets throughout the entire project.

  • Asset Management - Responsible for collecting and connecting assets to shots. (Analyzing client assets and sourcing assets online and/or building simple assets)

  • Develop project and shot game plans with Leads.

  • Ensure artists understand the game plan. Before each shot, speak to artists to make sure they are prepped to succeed

  • Catch if shots need to be fully or partially tracked

  • Assist Leads in assigning based on skill level

  • Determine which artists need more supervision or potentially can receive harder shots.

  • Leads daily sessions

  • Preliminary basic QC on shots before Tracking Lead's approval.

  • Have a keen eye on QCing outgoing deliverables and identify discrepancies to Production/Leads

  • Discuss with artists Client kickback notes if able without Lead's assistance

  • Help manage new artist tool interactions and feedback and report back to the pipeline

  • Resolve issues with artists that have multiple kickbacks or notes

  • Research, investigate, propose and enact any initiatives deemed by the team to improve workflows and assignments

Education and Experience

Required software knowledge

  • Maya

  • Nuke

  • Shotgun

Recommended software knowledge

Why work at Track VFX?

  • Benefits after 3 months! (contracts must be 6 months or longer to be eligible)

  • We pay overtime after 40 hours!

  • Only Matchmove company in North America

  • Training seminars. Provide many in-house tutorials

  • Great clients and ability to work closely with them!

  • Amazing artists and supportive production team

  • Ability to work closely with head Supervisors

  • Help make an impact in the future of Matchmove

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