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Macedonia | Matchmove Artist | Mid

Skopje, North Macedonia

Job Type

Full Time





About the Role

We are looking for a Mid Matchmove Artist to join our team in Macedonia!

This is an exciting and rare opportunity to be part of the formative years of a new studio in Macedonia. Our constantly increasing projects range from feature films to commercials. You will be working with artists with a wealth of experience on various productions. We are looking for talented artists who have the drive to keep up and contribute to this quickly growing company.

We have an exciting 3-week training syllabus to learn matchmove. They will be assigned a buddy and mentor to monitor growth and learning. It is important to have basic knowledge of Syntheyes and matchmove. They will spend at least the first 4-6 months on the Quality Control technical team. In this role, one will be able to review completed shots by senior artists. Once able to complete matchmove tasks and have the required knowledge, you will be graduated as an Artist. Important to be self-motivated and willing to learn on your own time.

Recommended Study:

Matchmoving: The Invisible Art of Camera Tracking Paperback – by Tim Dobbert

Check out our Youtube Track channel full of awesome tutorials!

We offer extended health benefits, flexible hours, and an open creative environment for all our staff.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ability to model environments with or without lidars, measurements, and camera information. UV objects when necessary.

  • Expert Camera/Object matchmove. Ability to hand-key cameras/objects in Maya

  • Ability to Rotoanim a 3D character rig to precisely match actors. Including facial animation

  • Strong layout skills, including camera track overs.

  • Meticulous nature with a self-critical eye, and high standards. Able to QC own shots

  • Strong problem-solving and identify solutions without guidance

  • Ability to give accurate time estimates as well as provide bidding hours with production

  • Highly motivated, and be able to work with the entire team/production. Mentor all artists, especially junior artists

  • Regularly review and assess individual progress and goals of artists

  • Communicate clear and concise issues to the Matchmove Leads & Supervisor

  • To be able to follow directions and take ownership of your tasks.

  • Maintain a professional level of knowledge about current developments in matchmove tools for computer graphics

  • Work well under pressure. Excellent time management and work to tight deadlines. Handle client revisions in a timely manner

  • Positive attitude and excitement for new challenges in an intense production environment

  • Team player who excels in a collaborative environment

Education and Experience

  • Degree in computer graphics or a related subject

  • 5+ years experience as a Matchmove Artist

  • Ability to manage and mentor a team

  • Expert knowledge in focal lengths, film backs, lens distortions, rolling shutter etc.

  • Expert level skills in Syntheyes and/or 3de

  • Strong Knowledge of Maya

  • Basic Nuke

  • Soft tracking a plus (vertice animation with no rig)

  • The ability to script in MEL and Python is a plus

  • MMSolver a plus

  • Syntheyes - Geo H a plus

  • Keentools a plus, will be required to learn

Required software knowledge

  • Maya

  • Syntheyes and/or 3de

  • Nuke

  • Shotgun

Recommended software knowledge

  • MM Solver

  • Keentools

  • Russian3dScanner

  • Blender

  • Python/Mel

Why work at Track VFX?

  • Benefits after 3 months! (contracts must be 6 months or longer to be eligible)

  • We pay overtime after 40 hours!

  • Only Matchmove company in North America

  • Training seminars. Provide many in-house tutorials

  • Great clients and ability to work closely with them!

  • Amazing artists and supportive production team

  • Ability to work closely with head Supervisors

  • Help make an impact in the future of Matchmove

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