Our LiDAR 3D scanning system captures all of the detail on indoor and outdoor set of any size. We offer a flexible environment scanning solution which can work with productions before, during or after a shoot, depending on what is needed. We can provide everything from minimally processed point cloud data sets to fully textured retopoed meshes. We offer camera tracking discounts to productions that hire us for LiDAR scanning.


While LiDAR gives us accurate measurements for lens angles and distortion, the data is not only useful for camera tracking. The output can be used as a visualization tool, full CG set creation, or as a backup in situations where sets or environments are temporary and require recreation at a later date. Having LiDAR data will give a head start to any production and will cut down post production costs and time.


Our process provides a highly accurate point cloud and 3D geometry with texture reference ensuring that sets and environments are captured accurately. From point clouds to textured models, we can process the data for and tailor it to your specific production needs.