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Vancouver | Junior Artist Manager

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Job Type

Full Time





About the Role

The "Junior" Coordinator is responsible for managing the Junior artist's journey to become an artist. Every new Junior artist starts off in the Quality Control department to learn fundamentals. They will have a 3-week training syllabus. Throughout this process, the "Junior" coordinator will monitor and track the progress of each artist to help them succeed.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Create interview questions for Junior interviews.

  • Create a "Hiring Assessment" technical questionnaire for Junior artists after hire. (Maya/Syntheyes/Focal/Filmback/Matchmove/Points)

  • Create a Junior position "Roadmap to Artist" outline. (including training days for Syllabus, days for actual shots, QC days)

  • Create a technical "Performance Review" for 6 weeks (mid-probation), 3 months (End of probation) Are they meeting the milestones described in the Outline above?

  • Project Manager - QC training videos. (Camera, Object, Rotoanim, soft track)

  • Project Manager - QC workbook for new hires.

  • Project Manager - QC guidelines (checklists level 1 and 2)

  • Project Manager - Create a technical "Artist Assessment" to gauge if a Junior is ready to graduate to an artist

  • Have 1 on 1's weekly to monitor Junior artists growth weekly

  • Be part of the hiring squad to bring on new juniors

  • Quickly determine the artists who will succeed.

  • Assign 2 buddies to Junior artists. 1 to assist in training and 1 to assist in QC.

  • Create a Graduation day for artists to help celebrate the transition. (Maybe a cake, maybe a pendant, help from coordinators)

  • Assist the QC lead to find a lead assistant that can help. (Once the main QC lead is graduated to artist, the secondary becomes lead)

  • Weekly have meetings with the "Junior" Lead to discuss success and monitor progress

Education and Experience

Required software knowledge

Recommended software knowledge

Why work at Track VFX?

  • Benefits after 3 months! (contracts must be 6 months or longer to be eligible)

  • We pay overtime after 40 hours!

  • Only Matchmove company in North America

  • Training seminars. Provide many in-house tutorials

  • Great clients and ability to work closely with them!

  • Amazing artists and supportive production team

  • Ability to work closely with head Supervisors

  • Help make an impact in the future of Matchmove

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